Miracle Monday #4


What am I grateful for today?  (Well, yesterday too since today IS Tuesday.  I’m a day late, sue me)

I am grateful for my therapist.  I know that so many people consider therapy and/or counseling like that crazy relative you never want to admit having or that weird obsession with The Brady Bunch.  Okay, just me?  Whatever.  Regardless, many Americans look at therapy as something to be embarrassed by, something that indicates weakness.  Horsefeathers, people!  (Hey, it sounds better than bullshit!)   If your teeth are bothering you, you go to a dentist.  If your stomach hurts, you go to your physician.  Why not treat your mental and emotional health the same?

Let’s be honest.  The world can really suck.  The pressures can be immense.  Sometimes you just can’t deal with everything on your own . . . or sometimes you need to talk to an impartial person who is sympathetic but firm.  He or she won’t tell you what you want to hear but maybe what you need to hear.

I have a fantastic therapist.  He is kind and understanding and he keeps me on the straight and narrow right now.  I can tell him anything without fear of reprisal or rationalizing my behavior.  I can cuss up a storm, I can cry.  It’s all good because his job is to listen.  And sometimes that’s really all we need divorce survivors need, no?

Don’t fear the stigma of therapy.  Let’s talk about it.  Do you see a therapist or counselor?  Has it helped you?  Been a positive experience overall or one you’d prefer not to repeat?


And what are you grateful for today?